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this never happens again. meanwhile more victims of friday's massacre were played to rest. jay gray has that story. >> reporter: the long, slow procession of funerals happens again in newtown. four more victims will be laid to rest, including teacher victoria soto. >> whatever actions they took to divert his attention, i'm sure they're the ones that responsible for her being here with us today. >> reporter: while this grieving community continues to remember and mourn the 26 who are not. >> there's no words. >> just deep sadness. just like -- just right down to the middle of all of us. >> reporter: grief counselors and extra security teams were at schools as class resumed in k w newto newtown, tuesday. sandy hook elementary has been closed. it's not clear when students will restart school, when they do, the classrooms will look the same as they did before the attack at monroe elementary. still everyone here knows they will never be the same. 20 friends, teammates, brothers and sisters will always be missing. jay gray, nbc news, newtown, connecticut. >>> now for a look at the weather in
gray joins us from portland with the latest details. jay? >> reporter: hey, there. yeah, bill, just a tragedy unfolded here yesterday afternoon and mall's still on lockdown early this morning as local, state and federal agents continue to comb the area looking for any evidence trying to answer obviously the questions of how and why all of this happened. they say that's going to take some time. as many as 60 rounds fired during the shooting rampage. as you talked about, two victims dead, one seriously injured but said to be in stable condition early this morning, and then the gunman, of course, turning the gun on himself. so, again, investigators trying to understand what may have been behind the shooting. they haven't released the name of the gunman at this point, though they say they do know who he is. they continue to work here and say that's going to take some time. in fact, many people who ran yesterday as the shots rang out left their cars, left their purses, left baby strollers and things like that, and officers have told them point blank it may be a few days before you get th
week. a third storm sunday dumped pounding rain and downed trees and power lines. nbc's jay gray has the latest from california. >> reporter: this morning the water and worries continue to rise across central and northern california. for almost a week now, high winds and heavy rains have pounded the west coast. trees and power lines are downed, rivers and creeks pushed past their banks. >> everybody behind us has lost almost everything. everyone's been evacuated. it's horrible. i've never seen nothing like this in real life, never. >> reporter: it is an overwhelming reality for countless families. sandbagging, trying to protect what they could, but many were still forced to find higher ground. >> it is a helpless feeling. it is. >> reporter: the rain has thankfully turned to snow across the sierras and even at the lower elevations, many areas may finally get a bit of a break after what's been a relentless line of storms. >> the amount of water that has come out of the skies, it's amazing. >> reporter: and it may not be over yet. forecasters warn in many of the hardest-hit communities
will be there in times square to watch it all and make the celebration part of their start to 2013. jay gray has the latest on all the preparations. >> 3-2-1, happy new year! >> the crystal ball has been hoisted into place. times square has waited 364 days for this, while some of the hundreds of thousands have waited a lifetime. texted of magic. -- >>, it is magic. >> an army of new york city police officers want to make sure it is the safest. >> we have helicopters in the air, we have observation posts, we have officers on scooters. >> it is a major commitment on the part of the department's. for 40 years, dick clark was the master of ceremonies here, sharing a new year's from times square with the world. the icon is gone now, but will be honored tonight with a special panel on the waterford crystal ball that drops at midnight. >> it is really amazing. >> part of what promises to be an amazing start to 2013. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it will be one heck of a party. here is a look at what is coming at new at 6:00. >> deal or no deal? and sally kidd in washington. the clock ticks down to the
wakes. in this tiny community. jay gray, nbc news, newtown, connecticut. >> the national rifle association has broken its silence the organization says its members are shocked and heartbroken over the shootings. they have schedule aid news conference for tomorrow. meantime, democratic leaders are calling for a ban on assault weapons and extended ammunition clips. a gun shop in chantilly says sales on that type of weapon used at sandy hook have skyrocketed. >> a lot of people are concerned about recent events. what may take place if the assault ban takes back. people are buying things that they wanted to buy in the past. doing it faster probably. >> on wtop news, bob mcdonald said it is time to talk about allowing trained school personnel to carry weapons. in ape pe post, it was called outrageous and guns do not belong in school. >>> more on how a teacher's role has evolved in light of the reecen nt recent violence in schools. >> reporter: we are hearing heartwrenching stories from newtown of heroic actions by teaches who came under fire trying in vain to shield their 6 and 7-ye
rampage. jay gray has our report. >> to love one another. >> reporter: tonight again they gathered because they say there is a strength and security that comes from being together. thousand are drawn to newtown, they carry signs, stuffed animals, flowers and a burning desire to somehow try and ease the overwhelming pain here. >> we felt kind of helpless at home. felt look we needed to do something to help out in somehow being here it is helping us to help other people. >> reporter: especially now as they begin the heartwrenching task of saying good-bye. 6-year-olds, noah pozner and jack pinto were laid to rest. >> sad. >> comfort this community will need. >> the overwhelming support from the community and seeing the town come together like this is -- is amazing. >> reporter: but they still have to bury another 18 classmates and the six women who died trying to save their lives. as the mourning continues here, so does the investigation. police say the school will be locked dn and kconsidered a crime scene indefinitely. there is one thing they're sure of. >> i could tell you that the first r
. jay gray has been following the preparation. he has the latest. >> 3, 2, 1 -- happy new year! >> reporter: the confetti has been tested. the number in the crystal ball have been hoisted. couples have even practiced their midnight kisses. time squares has waited 364 days for this while some of the hundreds of thousands that will pack this glowing patch of manhattan have wait add lifetime. >> it's magic. >> it is the biggest new year's eve party on the planet. an army of police officers want to make sure it's the safest. we use our helicopters in the air, observation posts, we have chemical, radiological detectors that are deployed. we deploy our mounted unit. we have officers on scooters. so it is a major commitment on the part of the department. >> reporter: and the major pilgrimage for partiers from across the globe. >> it's on my bucket list. take it off the list quickly. >> reporter: for 40 years dib clark was the master of ceremonies sharing new year's from times square with the world. the eischen is gone now, but listen honorsed tonight with a specially engraved panel on
. >> they are trying to work through the difficulty of burying more than would dozen innocent victims. nbc's jay gray joins us now live from newtown with the latest today. jay? >> reporter: you are absolutely right. another rough day here as you have described today. first graders from sandy hook elementary gathering to bury two more of their classmates while students at other schools here went back to class for the first time since the tragedy. the pain of saying good-bye has become a part of every day now in newtown. this grieving community buried two more first graders today. jessica rekos loved horses and asked santa for cow girl boots and a hat for christmas. a first born, she liked to plan and organize so much her family called her their ceo. james mattioli, nicknamed jay, loved sports on his ipad. early riser. he usually ended the day cuddled up on the couch next to his mom. there are so many here holding one another tight right now unable to sthak the horror. for jean ro . >> they kept saying that -- one of the boys said he had a big gun and a little gun. i -- i -- i could not fathom what the
from all over the world to watch the crystal ball drop. >> nbc's jay gray is live tonight in times square, where he's been following preparations today. >> reporter: good evening. happy new year. yeah, the party has started here. it officially gets under way in a cup the hours, but hundreds of thousands have already made their way to times square, all want been to be a part of, as you call it, the biggest party on the planet. on the center stage, you can see them standing off to the side, psy, off to begin a rehearsal. we've seen the groups rehearsing. i know you know the dance, so expect to see that later in the evening. as for right now, what i can tell you is not only is it a huge celebration, bull according to a lot of people the safest place to be in america. huge show of force. in the grahn and -- but a lot of officers you don't see in places making sure it stays that way. happy new year from times square. i'm jay gray. happy new year. >> thank you, jay. >> like a million people going gangnam style. >> that would be quite a sight. >> it would be a report. >>> plenty of celebr
connecticut jay gray, news4. >>> the tragedy has prompted school systems all across the country to increase security. news4's tony tull has more on what the systems are doing to reassure parents and students that schools are a safe play to be. >> announcer: at this time we will have a moment of silence in honestor of our students in connecticut. >> reporter: three days after the tragic events, schools in our region prepared to go in session. here in prince george's county, police and security officers showed an increased presence, a presence that officials hope will bring normalcy back to a rattled school system. >> it's very important that we have some age-appropriate discussions as the students bring their concerns forward, so that we can return to a sense of you see normal operations as quickly as we can. >> reporter: them to assure that students faculty and parents feel safe at the school. >> there have been no threats at the school in this area or region that we are aware of. so for a parent bringing a child to school i think will be like any other day. >> angela wiggins says she has t
nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: good evening, jim and doreen. every day seems to bring a more difficult task. today this grieving community gathered for what may be the toughest, the first two of 26 emotional good-byes. four days ago is when the unthinkable happened here. now this heartbroken community begins a seemingly unbearable task. today the first two of 20 young children were laid to rest. 6-year-old noah pozner described as largest than life in the light of a family that includes a twin sister who escaped the gunfire. jack pinto was a determined athlete and avid sports fan. a love that helped to shape this card given to friends at his funeral. as the painful work of burying the victims begins, the meticulous investigation to understand how and why continues. >> the answers are for the victims, the families, the people of connecticut, that need to know and see a clear picture to exactly what happens here. >> reporter: police say sandy hook elementary will remain a locked-down crime scene for months. today crews pulled furnace from the unaffected chatrooms moving it to a school in
, but jay gray explains why experts believe that the changes there are affecting the weather here and everywhere else. >> reporter: in is an almost haunting beauty to the barren fields of snow and ice that stretch for miles across the arctic. but scientists say the landscape is slowly but steadily melting away. >> if we're not already there, we're on the verge of seeing a new arctic. >> reporter: in an online web conference, noaa released the latest data that shows an increasing water temperature and record lows in the amount of snow and ice in the region. >> we are surely on the verge of seeing a new arctic. we can expect to see continued widespread and sustained change with new record highs and record lows, depending on the variable you're looking at. throughout the arctic environment system. >> reporter: 97% of the ice sheet covering greenland, another record, that area losing ice five times faster now than it was in the early '90s. >> we know that melting of ice in greenland can contribute to sea level rising around the world. >> reporter: in the last two decades those levels
gray is live in that area of oregon right now. jay, no rational to this, do we know anything about whether this was a legal weapon, a semi-automatic rifle, of course, raised concerns nationally for years because of the whole lapsing of the assault weapon ban. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, andrea. what we do know is it was a stolen ar-15. no, it wasn't legal as far as jacob tyler roberts was concerned, we don't know the origin where it was stolen at this point. we are still learning information as it becomes available here. the victims were totally random, he did not know the two people who were killed and the one who was injured. also we're learning he did not have on a bullet-proof vest or body armor like some of the witnesses suggested. he was wearing a hockey mask, we know that for certain. we also know that police believe their quick response helped to contain this and stop it from becoming much worse. they actually did not wait for s.w.a.t. teams when they arrived at the mall. they went into the mall two by two, something they actually practiced at this mall earlier this year
is finished. today, the first two victims from the massacre were laid to rest. nbc's jay gray joins us now from newtown, connecticut, with the latest. good evening, jay. >> reporter: good evening to you, larry. it seems like it just gets more difficult every day here in newtown. you talked about it. two of the young victims laid to rest today. 6-year-old first graders joined by their friends, classmates and families from this community, all struggling to get through this today. and when you stop and think they have to do this 18 more times for children and then the six adults, the teachers and the staff members who gave up their lives trying to protect the children inside that school, it's the beginning of what's going to be just a heart-wrenching process for this community. and again, just an emotional struggle. let's talk a little bit about the investigation today. we did learn that it's going to be months before they begin to assemble any answers in this case. in fact, they say that sandy hook elementary school will be locked down and a crime scene indefinitely. they plan to scour that
newtown, connecticut, school shooting. let's go live to jay gray. he has the latest developments on this horrific story. >> reporter: hey there, maria. every day here brings a more difficult task. today providing the toughest. this grieving community gathering to say the first two of 26 emotional good-byes. two 6-year-old boys laid to rest today. their friends and family gathering to say those good-byes. that as the investigation continues as well. and we're learning more from police about what exactly they're looking for and what they found. they say they have a wealth of evidence that's been recovered. not only from the lanza home but also the school here. they also warn that the school will likely remain a crime scene for several months. that this investigation is going to take quite some time. that they have more than 100 witnesses to interview. that includes some of the young children who survived the massacre at sandy hook elementary. of course they're being very patient with those children. waiting until the time is right. and say they will only talk to them, only ask them
weapons ban. nbc's jay gray joins from us connecticut with more on the young lives buried way too soon. >> reporter: yeah, good to talk to you. as you talk about another rough day. first graders from sandy hook elementary all gathered again to lay to rest two more of their classmates while students from other schools here went back to class for the first time since the tragedy. the pain offing good-bye has become a part of every day now in newtown. this grieving community buried two more first graders today. jessica rekos loved horses and asked santa for cow girl boots and hat for christmas. first born, she liked to plan and organize so much her family called her their ceo. james mattioli, nicknamed jay, loved math, sports and games on his ipad. early riser, he usually ended his days cuddled up on the couch next to his mom. there are so many here holding one another tight right now unable to sthak the horror. for gene rosen the panicked words of six young survivors echo over and over in his memories from that day. >> they kept saying in -- one of the boys said he had a big gun and a li
visiting the gun range in the past six months. jay gray has more now from newtown. >> reporter: good evening. it has been another rough day here as you might imagine. first graders from sandy hook elementary school, again, gathering today to bury two more of their classmates. that while students from other schools here actually went back to class for the first time since the tragedy. they are there with extra security and grief counselors on hand to help them with the transition of coming back to school here. thousands continue to pour into the small town. driven here by grief, they say, and just the need to be here and to try to help in some way, memorials are growing in this small town. so is the sentiment that they will get through this. everyone beginning to understand just how long that is going to take and just how difficult it is going to be. getting back to normal, don't talk about that at this point. how can you consider anything normal when you con to bury 6 and 7-year-old kids here? that's the latest from newtown, connecticut. i'm jay gray, news4. >>> george mason universi
it is important that they go back together. they think that is important for them. >> in a routine. jay gray, we appreciate it. thank you. all right. all right now, some better news, american oil and gas companies have so much product that they are ready to start exporting worldwide. but wait until you hear who is trying to stand in their way. free market capitalism is always the best path to prosperity. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> my next guest says that maintaining free trade is critical to economic growth. let's bring in jack girard, let me get this right. this is a fascinating tlie ini
believe he was carrying several fully loaded magazines. >> jay gray joins us from near portland. jay, do we know any more regarding this man's background and what would have motivated such a horrible crime? >> obviously that's the question here and at this point police say they do not have any solid evidence about what a motive may have been. they do say apparently roberts did not know his victims and this was a random attack in the mall. the investigation continues and will be for sometime. they are going through this area and consider the entire mall a crime scene. they have a lot of ground to cover there, wanting to find any evidence that may lead them towards that motive. we also know as you heard that he didn't have any body armor on. he did have on a hockey mask. they talked about their response to this attack. it could have been much worse according to the investigators. save the fact that they actually moved in and they actually had trained at this facility this year. they knew exactly what to do when they arrive and did not wait on the s.w.a.t. team saying they studied other att
of the shipping year, and it could be one of the busiest days ever. >> jay gray took a tour of fedex's world headquarters earlier today and join us live from mississippi with a look at the behind the scenes situation, a look at how the packages get from here to there. >> reporter: hey there, fedex facilities across the nation, including this one in mississippi n. constant motion, moving 19 million packages at a rate of 200 per second. the holiday rush is ramping up at fedex today. >> we've been planning for this day since the day after christmas last year, literally planning for this day since then. >> now it's here, the busiest day in fedex history, 19 million packages passing through the system, 10 million more than an average today. >> peak means longers hours, more packages to deliver. >> deliveries on the ground and through the area. the first largest in the world, many packed with holiday presents, which are off-loaded, sorted, then shoveled along this 42-mile matrix of conveyor belts at the world hub in memphis. >> just making sure that packages keep moving through. >> the team keeps
the massacre, let's go straight to nbc's jay gray who is standing by in newtown. jay, what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well, craig, i think what you've said is very true, and what everybody has been talking about here, but i think it's important to point out there's been so much misinformation involved with this case that we're finally beginning to learn some of the very basic specifics here. we know that the accused gunman, adam lanza, did carry not only a semiautomatic weapon but two high-powered pistols and he shot his way into the school, so the security system was set up was there. he just simply avoid that had by using this weapon to blast his way into the elementary school. we're also hearing this talk about them pursuing these malicious and false posts online. and what they are talking about, and i'm quoting, misinformation from people coming posing as the shooter or using other. i.d.s mimicking the crime and the crime scene on the heels of the information that there was a threat phoned into one of the churches during a noon mass, that just really indicates the level of problems
to their heads. jay gray has the story. >> the new missouri millionaires, the hill family. >> reporter: newly multimillionaires, the hill family is the same small-town family. >> it is just us. we're normal human beings. we're as calm as anybody. we just have a little bit more money. >> reporter: no, a lot more they will share with their three adult sons and adopted daughter from china. >> what do you want for christmas? >> pony. >> reporter: cindy bought the winning ticket late wednesday. >> it is surreal. it is like you are in the dream. >> reporter: this is the $293 million pre-tax reality for the hills who at times have been in and out of work the last couple of years. mark, his mechanic, did call his boss. >> he didn't believe me. i said no. about five minutes later, he called and said really. >> reporter: the family will create college funds, donate to charities. they never plan to stray too far from home. this is quite literally the white picketed fence neighborhood where the hills are from and despite the means to go anywhere in the world, they are from the community and they say this
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22